Campaign Against Small Arms:

  1. Global peace and Human development are greatly threatened by the existence of widespread small arms around the world. Small Arms facilitates and promotes criminal activities, it encourages violence; racial, sectarian, political and in countless other forms, it fuels and sustains civil wars and thereby cause unspeakable suffering to human beings most of whom happen to be innocent civilians.
    Small Arms are weapons that can be carried and used by an individual, for example, revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns and assault rifles. It includes weapons both small and big in size; from pistols and hand grenades to anti-aircraft guns and mortars. SALW are weapons of mass destruction, killing hundreds of thousands of people around the globe and within the land of Pakistan each year. That's for higher than the casualty count from the conventional weapons of war like tanks, bomber jets or warships. Pakistan is a major victim of crime related to small arms. The FATA region of Pakistan has decade's old tradition of manufacturing small arms and a home of illegal traders. Almost every family in this area is directly or indirectly dependent on arms manufacturing for their livelihood.

    Human Development Promotion Group (HDPG) which is a member organization of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) is actively working against illegal small arms since 2003 and so for the organization has arranged many activities to minimize the menace of SALW and established sustainable peace and increase human security. HDPG every year in Pakistan celebrate the Global Week of Action against Small with the support of IANSA. During this week HDPG performs various activities such as press conferences, Walks, Rallies, publishing awareness materials, poster competition, display banners and community gatherings.

    For complete information about Week of Action, see the following link on web-site:


     Goal of the Campaign :

    To eliminate illegal trade and production of small arms for sustainable peace, security and development


    •  To analyse the impacts of SALW on peace, security and human development

    •  To create mass awareness and encourage the people to discourage the illegal production, transfer and use of small arms

    •  To contribute to the global aspirations for peace and security by taking concrete steps towards deweaponization and to recommend measures to get ride of this menace.

    •  To collect data and find the facts and figures about the small arms


     Press conferences

    To appropriately highlight the issue of the prevailing illegal small arms, HDPG held press conferences at various occasions. The main objectives behind these press conferences were to convey a message to the government of Pakistan to ratify the


    UN Firearms Protocol – the global treaty to regulate the manufacture, export, import and transit of firearms, to provide assistance to the survivors of small arms violence and to recognize the importance of regulating guns in civilian's hands through registration and licensing. Besides, HDPG was also curious to create mass awareness about the lethal impacts of these inhuman devices.


    To involve the students and teacher communities in the campaign against small arms, HDPG was very keen to arrange some activities within the Peshawar University Campus. As HDPG deems that inclusion of the young blood in various activities impart sustainable impacts on development. Therefore, HDPG organized rally and walk against small arms during the International week of Action in the University campus. HPDG has close collaboration with the University's administration and has registered a great numbers of volunteers from various faculties of the university who take active part in every activity of the organization.

    Data collection:

    Data collection is a key for developing activity plan and launching a compressive campaign against any social problem. During the campaign against small arms, HDPG has collected data in Bajaur, Kurram and Malakand agencies.


    Banners and poster display

    HDPG is trying its level best to aware the innocent civilian about the deadly impacts of small arms on their lives and the next generation. For this purpose, besides with other activities, HDPG on various occasion display posters and mounted banners at different parts of the North West Frontier Province .


    •  Arranging workshops and community gatherings for mass awareness regarding landmines (Small Arms) impacts on the social and economic lives of the target communities

    •  Mass awareness campaign to protect women against the indiscriminate use of guns in violence cases.

    •  Published pamphlets, brochures and other awareness materials on small arms and its devastating impacts.

    •  Mass awareness and education
    •  Lobbying
    •  Availability of information
    •  Involvement of the student and teacher communities
    •  A step towards a peaceful world
    •  A step towards harmony and development