Surveys and Data Collection

  1. Data collection means collection of information about a specific subject for a specific purpose using various techniques. Before undertaking any activity or program, full information of the problem, area and its inhabitants facilitates the process of planning, development, implementation and evaluation. Therefore, Research and data collection is one of the major sectors of HDPG. For data collection HDPG uses various techniques, such as personal interviews, development of questionnaires and information from print and electronic media etc.

    Main objectives of HDPG behind conducting this activity is to upgrade organization's information data base, to dig up the ground's reality and to disseminate information to the government, humanitarian agencies and other concerned authorities and departments for adequate strategic development.

    Data on Landmine child victims

    Human Development Promotion Group has collected data on the Landmine child victims in Bajaur and Kurram agencies. The organization has established a complete data base about these victims.

    Data on Violence Against Women

    To highlight the status of violence against women in Malakand Agency & District Charsadda, Human Development Promotion Group has conducted surveys in the year 2004,2006 & 2008. During these surveys, the organization collected data regarding various customs and traditions, different forms of violence, case studies, problem faced/facing by the women community and other related facts in various parts of the project area. HDPG has published this data in its Magazine, titled, HAWA & " Facts and Figure" Women situation in district Charsadda.