Other Activities

  1. Human Development Promotion Group is unrelenting to establish a peaceful and developed society based on justice, human dignity and equality, where all men, women and others marginalized faction of the society can fully exercise their due rights and can use their resources. Where there is no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, colour and religion and where prosperity can attain by the people at the gross root level. To craft this society, HDPG is carrying out the following regular activities since its inception in May 2000.

    Social Organization and Capacity Building

    Social organization is the most important component of any activity at the gross root level. It is one of the main principles of participatory rural development. From the beginning, HDPG strongly believe that social organization can play a mega role in the successful implementation and completion of projects in different areas. Therefore, HDPG has established a vast network of committed volunteers and Community Based Organization both for male and female working in their respective areas for the cause of HDPG. Currently, there are 60 CBOs registered with HDPG in Charsadda, Mardan, Lakki Marwat districts and Bajaur, Malakand and Kurram Agencies. HDPG has properly built the capacity of most of these CBOs through different trainings and other capacity building programmes. The main objective behind the capacity building of these CBOs was to enhance and develop their thinking for coping with various community based problems in a more professional and organized manner.

    These CBOs are specific in their activities, as some are working for Human Rights and Gender Rights whereas others are involved in Health, Education, Rehabilitation, Peace and Disarmament. HDPG has given trainings to most of these CBOs in the followings sectors;

    Specific Trainings

    •  Human Rights

    •  Health and Education

    •  First Aid trainings

    •  Lobbying and Advocacy

     General Trainings

    •  Management

    •  Finance and book keeping

    •  Resource Development

    •  Community Mobilization and Awareness

    •  Working in the community

    •  Report and proposal writing

    Purpose of Establishing CBOs

    None of the organization can accomplish its project goals and objectives unless it has strong roots in the project communities. Community Based Organizations perform a mega role in the successful and smooth implementation of a project at community level.

    Objectives of HDPG by establishing these CBOs are;

    •  To work on the gross root level

    •  To appropriately convey information and propel resources to the community

    •  To properly involve the voice of the community in the project proposal development, planning and implementation.

    •  To increase community role in project decision making

    •  To identify and resolve the most threatening problem facing the community

    •  To successfully implement a project in the community

    •  To sustain the project activity after completion of the project

    •  To promote the initiative of self help and self reliance in the community

    •  To build populace capacity at the gross root level

    •  To mobilize and educate the community at gross root level

    •  To develop a link or bridge between the community and NGO

    •  To develop and promote a cluster of people at gross root/community level who can forward and convey the message and voice of their respective community to the government and other concerned department/agency in a most proper way