1. In a short span of time, HDPG has developed close collaboration with a number of National organizations and other civil society institutions. The linkages have been developed to share expert opinion, experiences and to get and provide support in carrying out various activities. Presently HDPG has the following partners


     •  Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO)
    Trust for Voluntary Organizations (TVO) is a national donor agency, working in Primary Health Care, Primary Education, Safe Drinking Water, Poverty Alleviation and Rehabilitation of the Disabled. Its role is to strengthen NGOs and CBOs through Financial grants and trainings, encourage participatory socio-economic development, empower marginalized section of the society through access to information and bring neglected and remote areas into focus.

    •  National Commission for Human Development (NCHD)
    National Commission for Human Development is a Pakistani based agency working for the Human development in Pakistan . Based on a holistic development model, NCHD aims at enlarging the scale and scope of the efforts made by the government in ensuring the effective provision of social services. It perceives human development as a process of enlarging choices, building capacities and encouraging participation of communities at the grass roots. To ensure this, NCHD is directed towards supporting government line departments, civil society organizations and the local communities in the sectors of education, basic health care and income generating activities at the grassroots.
    •  Sustainable Peace and Development Organization (SPADO)
    •  Society for the Protection of the Rights of Child (SPARC)
    •  Health, Environment Women and Development (HEWAD)
    •  Bint-e-Malakand Welfare Organization
    •  Community Appraisal and Motivation Program (CAMP)
    •  Social Welfare Society, University of Peshawar
    •  Khair Abad Welfare Organization
    •  Human Development Organization (HDO)
    •  Local Governments of the target areas