1. The membership of Human Development Promotion Group (HDPG) is open to all individuals and organizations committed to farther the cause of HDPG. The membership fee is different for different categories and is annually paid. It can be renewed annually. The membership fee will be sent every year by Cross Cheque, Money Order and Bank draft to the Executive Director HDPG. Local people can also sent it in the form of cash. The membership consists of 4 types and falls into the following categories.
    • National (within Pakistan)
      Associate Members: - Individuals become associate members of the Organization by paying an annual sum of Rs. 200
      Regular Members: - For Regular member entry fee is Rs. 500 Per annum
      Life Members: - Those who donate Rs. 10,000
      Honorary Members: - These are decided by the board of directors
    • International (Throughout the world)
      International Members - The membership is open to all the people around the world. International members can become a member of the organization by paying a sum of 10 $, 20 $ and 167 $ ($ for Us Dollars) for Associate, Regular and Life membership respectively.
    • Membership of Organization:
      Organizations and Corporations who donate substantial funds or equipment worth Rs. 50,000 (862 US $) can become organization or corporate members.
    Benefits of Membership:
    • Download and fill out the membership form and send to us at our postal address on the contact page. Click here to view Member Application Form
    • The membership confirmation will be sent by email after receiving the form with membership fee.
    • Membership Card
    • HDPG will offer its members an opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops and conferences held under its auspices.
    • Appreciation letter/Autograph from the honorary Chairman.

      Note: The voting right stays only with the regular, life donor, organization and honorary members of the organization.