H. Awareness on Violence Against Women in District Charsadda

  1. Donor Agency: KIOS; The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights
    Duration:One Year
    Location/Area:District Charsadda, KP-Pakistan

    Project Objectives:

    Specific Objectives:

    1) To evaluate the existing status of violence against women by conducting research and data collection in District Charsadda.
    2) To create awareness about CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination Against Women) through seminars, workshops, community gatherings and printed materials.
    3) To establish women CBOs and arrange capacity building trainings for them.
    4) To pressurize the government through community gatherings, awareness campaign and trained CBOs and to influence the policy makers to formulate new legislations for the elimination of violence against women and to repeal the existing discriminatory laws against them.

    Beneficiaries of the Project:

    Women Community of District Charsadda, which contribute almost half of the total population. About 30 % of the community will get awareness on basic human rights education especially women rightss

    Project Background:

    Human rights particularly women rights situation in Pakistan is very dismal as compared to other regions of the world. Though the situation is improved a little bit since our independence, but still it’s a long way to reach our destination. Women in Pakistan particularly in various sites of North West Frontier province countenance multi-pronged problems stemming from socio-cultural values and traditions, illiteracy, political instability and the erroneous interpretation of the religion. In Pakistan the various forms of violence against women include, domestic violence, honour killing, physical and mental abuse, rape, acid throwing, burning and killing. The proposed project is designed with the central theme of creating awareness about the mounting problem of violence against women (VAW) in district Charsadda, a conservative area of North West Frontier Province.

    Project Activities:

    In order to address the prevailing problems and issues in the target area, HDPG has chalked out the following activities to address these social, cultural, political and human rights abuses against women. The proposed project is consists of the following activities: -

    Research & Data Collection
    Awareness, Advocacy & Social Organization/Pressure Group Formation
    Workshops and Seminars
    Community Gatherings
    Formation of Women CBOs and their capacity building

    Project Results/Outcomes:

    HDPG deems that on account of this project, women will get awareness and access to their rights in a professional way. It would contribute to minimize the human rights abuses. The successful completion of this project will encourage other donor agencies to take the task of minimizing human rights violations in different parts of the country especially in those areas where such violations are rampant and subsequently hinder the progress towards prosperity and harmony in the society. : -

    Others achievements during this project are;

    Development of database
    Creation of awareness and advocacy regarding women’s rights
    Reduction of human rights abuses
    Formation of twenty two (22) Women CBOs in the project area
    Capacity building of women CBOs
    Publishing materials on Human Rights
    Good practices and replications in others area
    Involvement of religious scholars and others stakeholder
    Media coverage to Highlight human rights abuses