F. Khud Mukhtar Project For the Persons With Disability

  1. Donor Agency: LCDDP/USAID
    Duration: One year (July 2011-June 2012)
    Location/Area: District Charsadda, KPK

    Brief Summary of the Project:

    The Project is being implemented in three Union Councils of District Charsadda in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The target Union Councils are Nisatta, Rajjar 1 and Rajjar 2. The project is aimed at economic rehabilitation and empowerment of Persons with Disabilities through self and wage employments. The project will ensure that in target UCs no individual will be discriminated on the basis of any disability. It will help to ensure self respect and value of PWDs by enabling them to avail the livelihood opportunities available in the region. The project will also ensure to take advantage of this project for making a strong pro-disability constituency by establishing disability related committees and Councils so that this intervention open avenues for other organizations to mainstream “Disability” in their programs and policies. HDPG itself take this opportunity to further polish its disability related knowledge and will gear up to raise more funds on Disability from many other donors which already have strong relations with this organization.


    1) To increase the daily earning of PWDs through Self & Wage employments
    2) To ensure accessibility of PWDs to locally available facilities and health care services
    3) To develop a strong constituency of organizations focusing on PWDs livelihoods
    4) To pressurize the government through awareness campaign and trained COs in order to influence the policy makers to formulate friendly women legislations.

    Main Deliverables:

    120 PWDs self employed through skill training and business grants
    80 PWDs employed through linkages development and sensitization of employers.
    60 PWDs (out of stated 200 target group) provided with assistive devices
    35 PWDs out of stated 200 target group accessed to job places/rehabilitation services through workplace adaptations
    01 District Disability Coordination Council established
    06 Disability Management Committees (02 in each Union Council) formed

    Expected Number of Beneficiaries:

    Direct Beneficiaries:

    200 (initially HDPG will identify and register 700 PWDs and 200 out of them will be selected as direct beneficiaries).

    Indirect Beneficiaries:

    2500 (Including PWDs and their families)