E. The Empowerment of Women through Social and Political Education in District Swat

  1. Donor Agency: Foundation For The Future (FFF), Jordan
    Duration: Five months (Started June 2006)
    Location/Area: District Swat, KPK

    Specific Objectives:

    1) To create awareness & advocacy on Women’s civil and political Rights through seminars, workshops, community gatherings and printed materials.
    2) To establish thirty (30) Community Organizations (COs) in order to organize women community at grass roots level in District Swat.
    3) To strengthen the capacity of established Community Organization (COs) by providing basic trainings and develop their linkages with NGOs, govt. departments and civil society institutions.
    4) To pressurize the government through awareness campaign and trained COs in order to influence the policy makers to formulate friendly women legislations.

    Project Activities:

    HDPG has chalked out the following project activities that would execute a mega role in creating and promoting women’s political rights, and break of stereotype of gender inequality in the society and will provide a solid platform for women folk from where they would be in a position to raise their voice.

    Awareness, Advocacy & Social Organization

    Arranging of Workshops and Seminars and Community Gatherings

    Publication of Awareness Materials

    Formation of Women COs

    Capacity Building of the established COs


     Expected Outcomes:

    The expected outcomes are; women have been aware of their basic rights, empowered them socially & politically and their participation in social and political decision-making process increased, violence and discrimination reduced due to awareness & advocacy campaign, platform for women in the form of Women COs has been available, 120 women got capacity building training, positive changes cropped up in male behavior, police and courts attitude changed, Women’s problems exposed to media and linkages among women COs, concerned govt. departments, humanitarian organizations and others civil society institutions developed.

     Expected Outputs:

    The concrete outputs of the project are as follows;

    Out of the total target Population (age group 15-60) 30 % (84,433) women got aware of their civil and political rights through the publications and distributions of 3500 pamphlets/brochures, 5000 stickers, 250 banners and 3000 posters.
    About 25 % increased of the women participation in the Democratic processes such as elections
    Women participation in others social sectors increased by 30 %
    150 women and 150 men got benefited on account of three conducted seminars.
    On account of conducted Five (5) workshops, 150 women and 100 men got benefited.
    On account of six (6) Community gatherings, a total of 600 people got benefited (women-400, Men-200).
    Female’s members of COs benefited through three different types of trainings namely Organizational Management Skills, Community Mobilization Skills and Proposal & Report writing Skills.