D. Adult Literacy Programme

  1. Donor Agency: National Commission for Human Development (NCHD)
    Project Title: Adult Literacy Program, District Lakki Marwat
    Duration: Five months (Started June 2006)
    Sector: Education
    Target Groups:
    Illiterate Adult (Group age 15-39 years)
    Location/Area: District Lakki Marwat, NWFP-Pakistan

    District Lakki Marwat is situated to the extreme south east of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is bounded between district Karak and Bannu to the north, D.I. Khan and Tank to the South; Mianwali ( Punjab ) to the west and Frontier Region (FR) Bhittani to the west.

    Project Goal :

    To help promote a productive and educated society in contributing towards the government efforts to increase the literacy rate by establishing adult literacy centres in district Lakki Marwat.

    Project Objectives:

    General Objectives:

    •  To find out ways and means for increasing literacy rate on sustainable basis in the backward areas of District Lakki Marwat.

    •  To recommend proper suggestions and share lessons learnt and good practices with the government and other relevant institutions in the entire process that could be replicated in other areas.

     Specific Objectives:

    •  To mobilize 15 to 39 years old adult community to get enrolled in the adult literacy centres
    •  Establishment of fifty (50) Adult Literacy Centres in the project area
    •  To impart basic education to at least 1300 adult of the target area including both male and female

    Project Activities:

    The Adult Literacy Program of HPDG in District Lakki Marwat aims to mobilize the local populace and to provide basic education to those who have been remained illiterate. In tandem with community mobilization, HDPG has established 50 literacy centres for uneducated adult male and female between 15 to 39 years of age. This project mainly consists on the following activities;

    •  Community Mobilization
    •  Identification of Learners (20 to 30 learners per centre)
    •  Teachers identification/Selection
    •  Set-up fifty Adult Literacy Centres
    •  Orders books for students
    •  Teachers Trainings for each book
    • Exam of the students after the completion of each book

    After the completion of the project, HDPG expects the following outcomes from this project;

    •  Community will be mobilized
    •  At least 1300 adult will get basic education
    •  The Adult Literacy rate will increase the overall literacy rate which will bring positive impacts on the society and will boost the socio-economic and political status of the target population
    •  Establishment of 50 Adult Literacy Centres will not only increase the literacy rate of the target people but will also transmit positive impacts to the adjacent areas.