C. Violence Against Women in Malakand Agency

  1. Donor: Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF)

    Project Title:   Violence Against Women in Malakand Agency

    Project Duration: Two Years (24 months), (Running)

    Location: Malakand Agency, NWFP-Pakistan

    Project Goal: To contribute to the Socio-cultural, economic and Political uplift of women community in Malakand Agency

    Project Objectives:

    General Objectives:

    •  To explore ways and means in order to enhance the Human rights situation of women community in the area.

    •  To contribute in the productive role of women in socio-cultural, economic and political spheres in Malakand Agency.

    Specific Objectives:

    •  To evaluate the existing violence cases by conducting research and data collection in Malakand Agency

    •  To create awareness about CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination Against Women) through seminars, workshops, walks, rallies, pamphlets, banners, print and electronic media

    •  To establish women CBOs and arrange capacity building trainings for them

    •  Formation of Core group/pressure group to negotiate with policy makers to repeal the discriminatory laws against women

    •  To established a Legal Aid Centre for the economically weak and socially depressed women in the project area

    •  To improve the skills of women through various vocational and Non-vocational trainings

    Beneficiaries of the Project:

    Women Community of Malakand Agency, which contribute almost half of the total population. Nearly fifty percent of the community will get awareness on basic human rights especially women rights.

    Project Background:

    Human rights particularly women rights situation in Pakistan is very dismal as compared to other regions of the world. Though the situation is improved a little bit since our independence, but still it's a long way to reach our destination. There are regions like the tribal areas of our country, which should be termed as savage societies if compared to the other settle areas of the country. Malakand Agency which is under the high influence of religious extremism is copious with Domestic violence, honour killings, forced marriages and other social evils.

    A brief view of the general condition of women in the area:

    In the presence of so-called traditions and culture, it is considered a transgressed of Pukhtoon family system when a girl expresses openly her choice at the time of engagement. Consequently, she is compelled to live with her life partner forever without her own desire. It is highly significant to understand that such injustice decision leads toward terrible and horrendous situation, which engulfs the lives of many innocent women and girls every year in the name of Honour killing in the project area as well as all over the country. It is anticipated that thousands of innocent women are killed in the name of “honour”. It is worth mentioning that majority of the cases in such circumstances go unreported to avoid any police investigations. It may be due to a bad reputation in the society.

    Man is considered superior than women in all walks of life and no attention has been given to women in decision-making. In personal and feudal rivalries, women are used as a tool and are exchanged without her will and agreements to the opposite party for resolving the disputes. This tradition is called SWARA” that is against the Islamic principles and human rights law. Another drastic and tragic practice against women in the area is that they are not given their due share in the property of their parents and forefather.

    HDPG deems that the factors responsible for the misery of women community in the area are; Lack of awareness and information, Low level of women education, cultural bearers, traditions and norms, economic dependency of women on men, low/zero participation in the politics, judicial System in the Country, improper Implementation of Law/Policies and attitude of the Law enforcement agencies.

    Project Activities:

    In order to address the prevailing problems and issues in the target area, HDPG has chalked out the following activities to address these social, cultural, political and human rights abuses against women. The proposed project is consists of the following activities:


    •  Research & Data Collection

    •  Awareness, Advocacy & Social Organization/Pressure Group Formation

    •  Workshops and Seminars

    •  Community Gatherings

    •  Brochures and pamphlets

    •  Magazine at the Name of Bibi Hawa

    •  Formation of Women CBOs

    •  Capacity Building Programme for women CBOs


    A project commencement on women's rights in Malakand Agency is by itself a great achievement of HDPG. In the presence of such a great resistance and opposing forces, it is really a landmark achievement of the Human Development Promotion Group (HDPG) to go for a project intervention.

    Before, this project, no reliable data was available about the condition of women in the area. But now, due to the extensive research conducted by HDPG to develop its database would hopefully prove a milestone and will provide a strong base for the future women rights activities in Malakand Agency.

    HDPG deems that on account of this project, women will get awareness and access to their rights in a professional way. It would contribute to minimize the human rights abuses. The successful completion of this project will encourage other agencies to take the task of minimizing human rights violations in different parts of the country especially in areas where these violations are frequent and really hindered the society's progress towards prosperity.

     Others achievements during this project are;

    •  Awareness creation

    •  Formation of twenty two (22) Women CBOs in the project area

    •  Capacity building of women CBOs

    •  Publishing materials on Human Rights

    •  Publishing magazine on women rights at the name of HAWA

    •  Paving the way for other organizations to work in this area

    •  Involvement of religious scholars in such activities

    •  Highlighting the issue of Violence Against Women in the area

    •  Starting work for the economic independence of women