B. Physical Rehabilitation of Landmine Child Victims

  1. The project Physical Rehabilitation of Landmine Child Victims is a incessant activity of the organization during which Human Development Promotion Group operate and provide artificial prosthesis to landmine child victims. Until this time, Human Development Promotion Group has been provided prosthetic limbs to more than 45 landmines child victims through the financial support of First Hand Foundation, World Children Fund and HDPG own resources.


    Donor Agency: First Hand Foundation
    Project Title:
    Rehabilitation of Landmine Child Victims
    Project Location:
    Bajaur and Kurram Agencies, Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan

    Project Beneficiaries:

    During this project artificial limbs were given to the innocent and poor landmine children. Up till now, HDPG, during the course of this project, has provided artificial prosthesis to 32 landmine child victims.

     Objectives of the Project:

    •  To physically rehabilitate the innocent Landmine child victims through the provision of artificial limbs

    •  To try to lesson the psychological complexes of landmine's children

    •  To create mass awareness about landmines

    •  To educate children about the landmine problem and motivate them to become probable activists.

     Rubina is a 16 years old female Landmine child victim and is a resident of village Nawagai, Bajaur Agency, a Federally Administered Tribal Area of Pakistan. Her village is located at Pak-Afghan border, which is highly mine-affected area of Bajaur Agency. When she was 13-year-old, she lost both her legs in a tragic landmine incident.


    Rubina lost her legs at the age of 13

    ‘Rubina was on her way to school when she struck to a hidden landmine, which was planted in the ground. In emergency and unconscious condition she was rushed to the Agency Head Quarter Hospital in Khar, located at a distance of 20 km from the place of accident. After spending a day in emergency at AHQ hospital, she was then shifted to Mercy Hospital Peshawar , where the doctor in a major surgery, cut off both of her legs'.

    Practicing on her artificial legs

    For more than two years, Rubina was compelled to live a dependent life as she was incapable to bear the expenses of her prosthetic limbs. She appealed to a number of government departments and other humanitarian organizations to support her expenses on prosthesis but in vein.

    Human Development Promotion Group with the financial support of First Hand Foundation became able to provide prosthetic limbs to the innocent Rubina.

    This physical rehabilitation brought hopes and smiles in her miserable life. After her one month treatment at the PIPOS in Peshawar , she is now able to walk on her legs.

    Rubina plea that those involved in such heinous activities should be brought to justice without making any concession for them.

    Project background:

    The scourge of landmines besides adults has also badly affected children around the globe. Pakistan has become the victim of landmines since early eighties because of the war in Afghanistan . Landmines are transferred from Afghanistan to the tribal areas of Pakistan due to its long and porous border with Afghanistan . Worst of all some landmines are made in the shape of toys (baby traps), which attracts the innocent children who get maimed or killed by playing with these toy's like landmines.



    Over 27% of mine victims in Pakistan are believed to be children. There is no physical rehabilitation facility available for the poor and innocent landmine child victims in the areas, where these inhuman accidents commonly take place. According to various facts finding missions of HDPG comprising of media reporters and journalists, the landmine situation is alarming in these areas. It is petty to say that neither the government nor the UN agencies and other humanitarian organizations have taken any strong step regarding the physical, social and economic rehabilitation of landmine victims. Therefore, it is utmost important to work in these areas and to at least physically rehabilitate these innocent victims.

    Human Development Promotion Group (HDPG) after sensing the gravity of the situation, has underway the following activities in the project areas to reduce miseries of the victims up to some extent.

    •  Physical Rehabilitation of the children by providing prosthetic limbs

    •  Psychological Rehabilitation of the child victims

    •  Awareness and Social Organization

    •  Data Collection

    •  Mass awareness programs

     Project Outcomes:

    •  Thirty two (32) Landmine child victims were given prosthetic limbs

    •  Awareness campaign has been launched in the area

    •  CBOs were formed which are now actively working in the area

    •  Data has been collected about the landmine victims


     Donor Agency: World Children Fund , USA

    Project Title: Physical Rehabilitation of landmine child victims

    Project Duration: Six months, the project started in December 2003 and completed in June 2004)

    Project Location: Bajaur Agency, FATA

     Project Objective:

    •  To physically and psychologically rehabilitates landmine child victims by providing them prosthetic limbs/arms and psychological treatment

    •  To provide a forum for the mine affected children to raise their voice against landmines, their users and producers

    •  To raise awareness about landmines in children