A. Tarkha Community Sanitation Project (TCSP)

  1. Donor agency: Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO), European Commission (EC) Funded Project.
    Project Title: Tarkha Community Sanitation Project (TCSP)

     Project Duration and Location:

    Tarkha Community Sanitation Project (TCSP) was a six months project. The contract between HDPG and TVO was singed on 20 th March 2002 but the real project was started on August 2002 and ended in April 2003. (Extension has been given from November to April 2003). This project was implemented in Village Tarkha, Union Council Haji Zai, Tehsil and District Charsadda, NWFP-Pakistan.

    Project Beneficiaries:

    125 household latrines was constructed inside the houses from which 1547 individuals get direct gain where as 410 were indirectly benefited from the project. Owing to health and hygiene education, the entire populace of Village Tarkha, Union Council Haji Zai has been benefited from the health and hygiene education given by HDPG.

     Objectives of the project:

    The main objectives of the TCSP were;

    •  To provide a clean and healthy environment to the people of the project area

    •  To reduce the emergence of epidemic diseases due to poor sanitation

    •  To promote the initiative of self-help in the community

    Project Activites:

    The sanitation as well as health and hygiene condition were worse in village Tarkha, situated at a distance of 25 and 23 km from Charsadda and Peshawar districts respectively. The people of the area were unacquainted about the basic health and hygiene education and according to HDPG survey only 5% of the household were having latrine facility in their houses. Due to populace ignorance about health education and lack of proper latrines in the houses, the village was at the verge of collapse.

    To remove the peril of imminent epidemic, HDPG planned the following activities in the TCS Project;

    •  Construction of 125 latrines inside the houses

    •  Provision of basic health and hygiene education to the people particularly to the entire female folk of the area through trained lady health visitors

    •  Formation of Community based organization and their capacity building

    •  Female training regarding Health and Hygiene education

    •  Promotion of the self-help initiative in the mind of the community


    •  Almost all members of the community (both male and female) got awareness about the basics of Health and hygiene

    •  About 50 per cent of people got the facility of separate latrines in their houses

    •  A number of people got training in basic health and hygiene, which will bring positive impacts on the overall health and diseases condition in the area.

    •  A CBO at the name of KHEGARA was established in the area and was given training, which will lend a hand the people and will work for the uplift of their village

    •  The eruption of epidemics due to unhygienic life style has been reduced to the minimum due to this project.